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Excerpts from Reviews of Is Your Museum Grant Ready?

Mara Williams, Partner, Arts Bridge LLC, Vermont and New York

If your organization does not yet have a successful grant program, this is a must read book for directors and trustees. It illuminates why foundations give, what they expect from their investment in non-profit organizations, and how they build relationships with institutions. Brophy clearly articulates the steps it takes to get to the point where you can write a successful grant application…

I recommend this book not only to museums but to any non-profit (cultural, educational, or social service) that needs to grow to the next level of professionalism in program design and grant writing.

Melissa Mannon, Principal, Archives Info

As a professional archives consultant, the person to whom I turn when I have a funding question is Sarah Brophy. In this book, Sarah consolidates her wisdom on funding opportunities in an easy to read manual. Using her straightforward and approachable style, she helps the reader develop an overall perspective on what grantors want to see from grantees. For example, she notes, "to convince the donor to give anything, you'll have to approach the project and proposal from the donor's viewpoint, not just yours."

Sarah offers a balanced approach that provides information about the practical issues as well as the ideal. Sarah walks you through the steps necessary to obtain grant funding. A grant ready checklist spells out the factors that appeal to donors, making your institution stronger overall and more "grant ready." Information about different types of donors, how they give money, and how to "cultivate" relationships with them is invaluable. Proposal preparation tips and tips for project follow through take the reader through every step of the funding process. The book is rounded out with sample cases and a list of resources.

It is a must read for every non-profit institution.

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