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Excerpts from Review in Curator, 53:2, April 2010
Aaron Pope, California Academy of Sciences 

The book offers pertinent information, not just for curators but for every type of museum professional, which is a key part of its appeal. This approach is telegraphed in the introduction with one, simple sentence which jumps off of the page and right at the reader: “This is a book for all museums.” Museums come in many shapes and sizes, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of going green. The wide range of collection types, budgets, facilities, audiences and geographical locations demand a diverse array of solutions and resources, and this is where The Green Museum really delivers. It contains a wealth of information on green operations and exhibits, informative case studies, and loads of helpful resources for museum staff wanting to understand how they can facilitate real change. It doesn’t matter if your institution is just starting to think green, or if has maintained a strong program for years. The book will undoubtedly offer some new and valuable insights.

Overall, I think
The Green Museum will be a valuable addition to any museum’s library. It tackles an incredibly complex subject in a comprehensive manner, emphasizes a systemic approach which is critical to success, and provides actionable information to get any institution moving in the right direction.

Excerpts from Review in Exhibitionist, 28:1, Spring 2009
Merritt Price, J. Paul Getty Museum

The book offers practical advice for getting going in the right direction no matter the size of your museum.

Starting with the introduction my interest was piqued with provocative questions about energy use, air quality and material use. Through the clearly organized chapters the authors address these concerns with concrete ideas and practically written advice for tackling a wide range of green initiatives.

The Green Museum now has a place in our department library, alongside the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and other documentation we consult regularly. It sound be considered core reading for anyone involved in green initiatives.

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